Terms and Conditions


  1. Any Travel Consultants interested in participating in the Faida Plus promotion must apply to become a member in the manner specified by Travelport Services (Kenya) Limited on the Faidaplus website www.faidaplus.com
  2. The application is not an automatic admission to membership, but membership is at the discretion of Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd., who may impose certain conditions before the same can be approved.
  3. Membership is open only to travel consultants with active Kenyan PCC and Sign On accounts that correspond with the registered records in the booking system
  4. Consultants must update their Faida Plus accounts within one month of any changes that occur in PCC and sign on. Should consultants forget to edit and update their new PCC/SON details, no backdating of points will be done
  5. Every Consultant must ensure that their profiles has correct Name, PCC, SON, Bank details, MPESA Number, Emails and KRA PIN.
  6. Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd may refuse membership to a person who resides in a country or region or has no Kenya market PCC or Sign On.
  7. Every successful applicant is bound by these terms and condition for the duration of their membership; and as they may be amended from time to time
  8. Every Consultant must ensure that their agency management is aware of their Faidaplus registration; and by registering does not conflict with their internal company policies

Termination of membership

  1. One can terminate membership at any time through a written notice to Travelport; which notice can be done via email to faidaplus@travelport.com .
  2. Travelport may also terminate a participants membership if there are reasonable grounds to believe that;;
    • There is a breach of confidentiality by disclosing the details of this promotion without the authority of Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd
    • The Member has acted fraudulently or misrepresented in any information provided; or otherwise acted inconsistently with the spirit of the Faida Plus Program.
    • There is breach of these terms and conditions in a material respect;
    • The Faida Plus account is inactive for 3 months consecutively, without point upload
  3. Upon termination of your membership of the Faida Plus Program, any accrued segment profits are cancelled and are not redeemable
  4. Inactivity on the Galileo host for 3months will lead to termination of membership
  5. Account with no Bank details for 3months consecutively

Termination of promotion

Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd. may terminate the promotion at any time by giving notice of such termination. All Faida Plus segment profits must be redeemed within 3 months after the date of notification of termination and any unredeemed profit after the 3 months will be forfeited.

Faida Plus accrual of segment profits

  1. Profits will accrual based on the number of net ticketed segments made under Galileo system each month. This will be calculated on the standard tiers below; (This could be reviewed at any time by Travelport Services (K) Ltd without notice)
      • 1-250 segments : kes.14 per segment
      • 251-500 segments : kes.18 per segment
      • 500 and above segments : kes.22 per segment
  2. Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd. may establish additional means of accruing profits, revise means by deleting any of the recognized means, include or exclude specific types of transactions or products and services and may revise redemption period in its absolute discretion but with adequate notice to the participants.
  3. All profits are forfeited if one fails to earn further profits within three months from the date of your last earning (Transaction)..
  4. Profits will be paid through Bank Credit by Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd to Faida Plus User Bank Account. It is the responsibility of Faida Plus user to insert Correct Bank details and KRA PIN Number for payment to be affected. Tax obligation will be taken care of by Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd.
  5. Profits accrued cannot be transferred by registered user to another registered Faida Plus user within the same Pseudo city code or to a different Pseudo city code
  6. Redemption will be done automatically on monthly basis. No monthly accumulation of points is allowed from August 2021

Adjustment and cancellation of erroneous profits

  1. Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd. may adjust the number of Faida Plus profits in your account retrospectively if it believes there has been an error in the accrual or redemption of profits.
  2. Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd. may cancel or suspend some or all of your profits if it suspects that you have been involved in any act or omission that would otherwise give Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd. the right to terminate your membership.
  3. Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd. may cancel Loyalty profits or refuse redemption of Faida Plus profits, if it determines, in its absolute discretion, that the earning of the Faida Plus profits or their redemption is an abuse of the Faida Plus Program.
  4. Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd. may cancel or suspend some or all of your profits if the consultant’s profile has no Bank details to allow Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd. To pay consultants profit to Bank account.

Reward and redemption

  1. The accrued Faida Plus profits will be redeemed to bank every month as per the minimum threshold set by Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd.
  2. Faida Plus profits redeemed will be deducted from your account at the time of redemption

General information

  1. Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd. will, from time to time, transmit statements, notices and other material relevant to the Faida Plus Program. Any such material will be deemed to have been given by Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd. if it is posted on the Faida Plus website or sent to the email address last notified by you to Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd. You must update the contact details on your account to ensure that information sent out is going to the correct contact details.
  2. Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd. accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracy or misrepresentation contained in any information provided in any communication in relation to the Faida Plus Program.
  3. Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd is not liable for any loss or damage of voucher(s) or parcel(s) in the case of loss or damage to the redeemer of the goods or services. In the case of a shipment request made by the redeemer, Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd. is not liable for lost in transit or damage of goods upon delivery thus it is under the responsibility of the courier here in referred to Wells Fargo.
  4. All disputes which arise in connection with your participation in the Faida Plus Promotion will be resolved in accordance with Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd.’s dispute resolution process for customer disputes, as revised from time to time in Travelport Services (Kenya) Ltd.’s discretion. For more information, please ask your account manager.
  5. These terms and conditions are governed by Laws of Kenya.