What is Faida Plus ?

Faida Plus, a loyalty program that rewards travel agents within Kenya who use the Galileo booking system

In the 7 years Faida Plus has been running, it’s given out more than 43 million Kenya shillings worth of rewards to over 1,500 happy clients.

To show how much we appreciate your hard work and the support you’ve given us over the years, we asked, you talked, we listened and have brought you a new, bigger and better Faida Plus.

  • Daily updates of your points – no more waiting
  • Tools to track and monitor your your productivity
  • A wider and more exciting choice to redeem from
  • Share, exchange ideas and network with your colleagues and other Faida Plus members
  • New rewards and bonuses to add on to those you already earn from your segments.

Who qualifies to join Faida Plus?

Faida Plus is open to all Travel Agents in Kenya who use Galileo to book and ticket.
Membership is open to both registered IATA and non-IATA members as long as you are on the Galileo system.

What should I do if I don’t qualify?

You are not left out and it’s really easy to get on on-board. All you have to do is send an email to kenya.customerservices@travelport.com requesting to have Galileo installed. A Galileo representative will help you register and having Galileo installed.  This then qualifies you to join Faida Plus and start getting the many benefits of being member.

Join The 1,500+ Satisfied Members!