How Do I Earn Points ?

It’s Simple – You work hard while we make sure your hard work is well rewarded

You’ll earn points on Faidaplus for every booking made and ticketed on Galileo system using your Sign On Code (SON).

To appreciate your loyalty, we’ve gone further and introduced a new feature called Bonus Points. It allows you to get bonus earnings by taking part in promotions, meeting targets and being an active participant within the Faida Plus. Bonus Points is a great way of making even more profits as a Faida Plus member

Faida Plus is much more than a loyalty program

  • Refer to your history on your productivity, redemptions, account statements and much more.
  • Ever wanted to share out your points with a collegue to appreciate the team work, now you can
  • Socialize and meet other Faida Plus members on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. It’s an opportunity to meet and share ideas with other members
  • Need help? Maybe a tip or two on how on be more productive? Well, you may reach out to us through “Talk to us” on our support page or even better, get help by tapping into the entire Faida Plus community.
  • Need a delivery? Your redemption sent to your door step or to your grandma somewhere in in Isiolo? No worries, we’ll deliver.
  • Enjoy discounts and bonus points from promotions that may be on offer by our participating suppliers
  • Want to give back to the community? We care and know that you probably do. You may donate to support a worthy cause but even better, fundraise for your favourite charity by getting it listed.

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